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dogs like licking our faces because they know under our skin is bones and they can almost reach it

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RT Ceph: Thank you to our attendees, speakers and sponsors for making Barcelona a great success! We will have live videos and slides from all the great content available soon.

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Wie kommt's, dass die App heruntergeladene Videos in doppelter Geschwindigkeit abspielt, während der selbe Titel im Streaming normal läuft?

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Dance your cares away
Worries for another day
Let the music play
Down in Fraggle Rock...

Sing or clap along... 🎶 👏🏼

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At least there is free wifi and power at

@easyJet_DE@twitter.com just announced 76 minutes delay.

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: Der Österreicher unterscheidet sich vom Deutschen durch die gemeinsame Sprache. (Karl Farkas, Kabarettist)

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Wenn die 3-Tages-Touristenkarte nicht für Nachtbusse gilt, ist man in Barcelona.

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Do you like the 9 months cycle of @Ceph@twitter.com releases, asks @sweil@twitter.com. The community wants your feedback:

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"Context switching is too expensive when storage is almost as fast as memory" (@liewegas@twitter.com at ) is a bit of a mindblow.

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PSA: is at entrance North.

Not entrance south near Porta Fira / Pl. Europa

Barcelona ist zu groß für Leute, die seit viertel vier wach sind.

The hotel already had a room for me, at 10:00 in the morning. Very appreciated, @hoteles_santos@twitter.com

E-Scooter? Waren das die mit der blöden 90er-Musik?

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